On Jealousies…

Recently, I was notified that a friend’s ex-girlfriend hated me and was jealous of me because I performed on stage with my violin. First, I never even met this girl. Second, playing the violin is not something that came easy or naturally. I have worked on learning this complicated instrument for 24 years. I have cried over it, I’ve almost quit, I’ve loved and hated it, I missed out on things growing up because of it, but I have WORKED for it. That is not something to be jealous of. If you want to perform with an instrument, then I suggest you spend most of your life with lessons and hard work and learn one yourself.

resizeIt is NEVER okay to put down other women because you are insecure or jealous of them. I know we all have our insecurities, but it is not making you a better person for putting down another. It is hard enough out there being a *single* woman without others putting you down.

Stop aspiring to be someone else. I know that I can never be a supermodel because I stopped growing at 5′ 3″ when I was 15. I know that I don’t have six pack abs like Kiera Knightley because I don’t do sit ups or work out or have a personal trainer. Don’t try to be someone who you cannot ever be. It is setting yourself up for failure and heartache.

How about when we start to feel jealous, we find something about ourselves that we love. We are all unique and it’s time we start loving ourselves and each other.

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